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Schedule of Events

All Times Are EST


October 19th, 2023

6pm - 10pm   Registration (at Barn)


October 20th, 2023

8am          School Day Meeting (at Barn)

9am          Registration Opens

9am          School Day Begins

Noon        Skirmish of Rockcastle River

3pm          Reenactor Dinner

8pm          Officer's Call (Soggy Weasel)

10pm        Registration Closes


October 21st, 2023

9am         Officer's Call (Soggy Weasel) 

9am         Registration Opens

10am       Camps Open to Public

10:30am  Powder Rations (Barn)

10:30am  Registration Closes

11am        Ladies' Social (Barn)

2pm         Battle of Camp Wildcat

3:30pm    Registration Opens

4pm         Camps Close to Public

5pm         Registration Closes

6:30pm    Reenactor Dinner

8:00pm    Barn Dance


October 21st 2023

8am         Registration Opens

9am         Officer's Call (Soggy Weasel)

9:45am    Registration Closes

10am       Camps Open to Public

10am       Church Service (Barn)

10:30am  Leave for Memorial

11am        Memorial at Original Battlefield of Wildcat Mountain

11:30am   Reenactor Yard Sale (Barn)

2pm          Battle of London, Ky

3:30pm     Final Raffle/T-shirt Sales

4pm          Camps Close/Raffle Drawings

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