of Events

**All Times are Eastern Daylight Time**


Thursday - October 14th

NOON - Setup Begins

18:00 (6pm) - Registration for Reenactors and Vendors opens.


Friday - October 15th

8:00 - Finish preparing Camps and Stations for School Day

9:00 - Students Arrive

NOON - Skirmish for Students (Battlefield) (All available reenactors please participate)

14:00 (2pm) - School Day ends

15:00 (3pm) - Reenactor Dinner

17:30 (5:30pm) - Registration Re-Opens for Reenactors

22:00 (10pm) - Registration Closes

(Follow signs to camps to continue setup)


Saturday - October 16th

10:00 - Festivities Open to Public

10:15 - Officer's Call

(Tent beside Barn)

10:45 - Powder Rations

(Must have ticket! Please send tickets with 1 representative from your unit.)

11:00 - President Davis, Lincoln, General Lee, & Grant in Living Color

(Tent beside Barn)

NOON - Ladies' Tea in Barn

(Tickets available at registration while supplies last)

14:00 (2pm) - BATTLE OF LONDON

16:00 (4pm) - Camps closed to public

(We'll see y'all tomorrow for a totally different battle!)

18:00 (6pm) - Reenactor Dinner

20:00 (8pm) - BARN DANCE with the Sawmill Bluegrass Band from the Panhandle of Florida!!

20:00 (8pm) - Drum Circle with David Owens @ Soggy Weasel

22:30 (10:30pm) - Night Firing of Cannon


Sunday - October 17th

8:30 - Officer's Call (Tent beside Barn)

10:00 - Festivities open to Public

10:00 - Period Church Service (Barn)


10:30 - Pilgrimage to Wildcat Mountain

11:00 - Memorial at Original Battleground of Wildcat Mountain

11:30 - Annual Reenactor Swap Shop 

(Tent beside Barn)

NOON THIRTY - President Davis, General Lee and those Lincoln and Grant guys

(Tree infront of Barn)

13:00 (1pm) - Last Chance to visit Sutler Row and the Camps for the last time this year! Gotta buy those latest fashions because next year they'll be different!

14:00 (2pm) - 160th Anniversary of the


(Fought on the original Confederate Bivouac) 

16:00 (4pm) - Camps close, tear down, get your last raffle tickets for the pistol.

Have a safe trip home!  Thanks for coming this year! Next year things will be bigger and better so make your plans to attend the...

Battle of Camp Wildcat, October 14th - 16th, 2022!!