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Laurel Home Guards


The Laurel Home Guards is a volunteer Non-Profit 501(3)c organization for the purpose of historical education. Our officers and members are dedicated to the representation of the 1860's events and lifestyles of Laurel County, Kentucky.


2024 - 2025


James Cheek

Vice President

Gene Mobley


Brittany Cheek


Brittney Snyder

Member at Large

Jay Owens

Join the
Laurel Home Guards

Joining is easy!  Download the application, fill it out, send it in with a check or money order at 10$ a person or 20$ for the entire family to: 

Laurel Home Guard

PO Box 1251

London, KY 40742

Laurel Home Guards
Eternal Vigilance

Dr. Thomas D. Clark

Lucy Parsons Hopkins

Ralph Phillips

Moses Hamblin

Joe Allen Jr.

Roxie Dixon Hopkins

Garry Inabnitt

Luther H. Gaddis Jr.

Jay Watts

Anthony Erisman

Yvonne Howard Westerfield

James D. Honchell

William "Bill" Hicks

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