Abraham Lincoln Welcomes You!!

All of the information you need to attend Camp Wildcat is here.


The Union Forever,
Hurrah! boys, Hurrah!



Camping is plentiful with ample parking close by for your car, truck, even your horse trailer.  Hay is available as well as plenty of firewood for cooking and camaraderie after the battle.  A long walk to Raid the Soggy Weasel will make your weekend even more special.  Plastique latrines are within close proximity as well.


As a Union man you will be defending your Camp below Wildcat Mountain from the secesh traitors invading from Tennessee.  Early War Impressions are asked for.  Arms ranged from flintlock Kentucky rifles to shotguns, plains rifles, pistols from local gunsmiths, as well as Springfield and Enfield rifles depending on how much equipment your state had in stock for previous militias. 

**(If you register as a Federal we may ask you to galvanize one day to even out the numbers so the crowd can have a better experience)**


When you register you will receive a powder bounty as well as be fed during the weekend. Horses will get hay and feed as well as a bounty.  Artillery will receive a bounty based on gun size.

**Powder Bounty Guaranteed to Federal Troops but not the secesh...shhhh...don't tell them**

A Camp dance will be held on Saturday night after a big meal so you can bring your beautiful ladies and show them off on your arm. When you come to the event and sign in, you will also receive a goodie bag to fill up your haversack and experience the hospitality of Laurel County, Kentucky

For the Ladies

Saturday will feature the grandest Tea in the history of Teas.  Food, tea, refreshments, prizes, dresses, hairdos, and more!  

Also wear your finest for the happiest dance in Kentucky!

Registration and Directions Below

Don't feel like camping?

Book a Concrete Barrack Room!



How Do I Get There?

Hazel Patch Road, East Bernstadt, Kentucky

*Southbound on I-75 take Exit 49 and turn left at top of ramp - Follow KY-909 1/2 mile and turn right on US-25 South - Go 3/4 mile and turn left on Hazel Patch Road

*Northbound on I-75 take Exit 41 and turn right - Take Immediate left on US-25 North - Go 8.8 miles to Hazel Patch Road on the Right


Want to Register?  Please fill out the form below then paypal us 9$ per person. (Added 1$ is for bank fees)

(There's other options to register below)


Federal Reenactor Registration

If you prefer to email us a larger list of names for your unit you may download the registration form and send it filled out to LaurelHomeGuards@gmail.com or mail it with a check to the address below.

You May PAYPAL your single or unit's Registration Fee Here: 

(9$ per person to help cover the bank fees, thanks a lot Abe!)

Single Registration     Unit Registration

or you may mail a check to:

Laurel Home Guards

C/O Marsha Frost

1088 N. Rocky Branch Rd.

Oneida, Ky 40972

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