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What is a Partnership?

When you partner with the Laurel Home Guards you're becoming a valued treasure of keeping the history and heritage of Laurel County, the area around London, and the state of Kentucky alive and learned for future generations.  

Your contributions towards the annual Battle of Camp Wildcat will go to providing a safe educational venue for children and adults to get a first hand visual of what life was like for the soldiers and civilians during the War Between the States and an opportunity to ask their own questions to hundreds of historians from all over the East Coast who have decades of knowledge.

Annually we have a captive audience of thousands of spectators and reenactors many of those who travel from as far away as Alabama, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.

Your branding along side the Camp Wildcat logo on all of our advertising and event signage will be guaranteed to get lifelong customers to your business.   Many reenactors and spectators will see who supports history and remain loyal over the years to you.   It doesn't matter if you sell groceries, are an auto mechanic, or rent plastic latrines, the people who attend will see you and your business and show their graciousness over and over.

If you would like to help sponsor a cannon crew for the weekend, a company of Cavalry, the Ladies' Tea, or even an outhouse or two in the camps, we have an opportunity for you.   So please fill out the inquiry below and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible to arrange a meeting and discuss how best OUR partnership can work for you!


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