Who are the Laurel Home Guards and What do we do?

The Laurel Home Guards is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organisation based in Laurel County, KY who's mission is to keep the history and heritage of the Men, Women, Soldier's, Civilians, and Land of Laurel County and the surrounding area alive and in the perpetual memory of it's citizens. 

The Laurel Home Guards come together to present the annual Battle of Camp Wildcat and maintain the memory of the men and women who perished at the base of Wildcat Mountain between 1861 and 1865.


Current Officers
2021 - 2023

President - Marsha Frost
Vice President - Henry Smith
Secretary - Brittany Cheek
Treasurer - Marcy Blaydes
Sergeant at Arms - Ron Frost


Previous Officers
2019 - 2021

President - Juanita Westerfield

Vice President - Henry Smith

Secretary - Marsha Frost

Treasurer - Marcy Blaydes

Sergeant at Arms - Eddie Bleavins

Thank you for your service Ladies and Gentlemen!!


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Laurel Home Guard

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Oneida, KY 40972

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