March 1st, 2021 Flood

"Everything happens for a reason, sometimes it's a blessing in disguise.  It often brings new beginnings, closer friendships, and bigger and better events."
- C.A.B.

On March 1st, 2021, shortly after a new President and Officers were elected and sworn in to the Laurel Home Guards, the first Major event occurred that would test the new leadership of the almost 3 decade old group.   

A massive flood hit the event site of the Battle of Camp Wildcat.

Everything was under dozens of FEET of water and many things just don't fare well in a flood.  BUT, with every disaster there are new beginnings.

We want you to know that once the waters receded, the cleanup, renewal, and refurbishment immediately began and a lot of Thank Y'alls go out to Volunteers in the Laurel Home Guards, local towns folk from Laurel County and London, Kentucky, as well as MANY individuals as far away as Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina, and Alabama.

Together....We Are Wildcat!


The Flood of Aught Twenty One!


Clean Up, Rebirth, Camaraderie


Morning Prayer and Native Drum Circle