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Cavalry Information

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Cavalry Commanders

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Confederate Cavalry Commander

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Union Cavalry Commander

Cavalry: Meet the Team

Mounted and Unmounted Cavalry Troopers

(Union and Confederate)

will camp together near the Soggy Weasel.

**All participants will receive a "token" upon checking in for registration.  Your token will be necessary in order to participate in  all weekend's festivities and/or activities.

When you pre-register you will receive a pound of powder (if you are a fighting soldier on the field), meals throughout the weekend, bedding hay, and other amenities.

Pre-registration is $15 until September 1st.  Registration after September 1st does not come with powder and you will be considered a walk-on.

The first 25 registered Union and first 25 registered Confederate Horses will also receive a special bounty.  All horses will receive fresh hay.

Any further questions about camp or battle or amenities please contact your branch commander.


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