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Artillery Information

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Artillery Commanders

Artillery: Meet the Team

Gaye Clark

Union Artillery Commander


Leonard Lay

Confederate Artillery Commander

No Walk-on Artillery and absolutely no Mortars.

Please note you need to call and meet with your branch commander before unloading your gun so that placement will be proper and un-necessary movement will not be needed.

**All participants will receive a "token" upon checking in for registration.  Your token will be necessary in order to participate in  all weekend's festivities and/or activities.

When you register you will receive a pound of powder (if you are a fighting soldier on the field), meals throughout the weekend, bedding hay, and other amenities.

The first 12 Confederate and first 12 Union pieces registered will receive the option of check or powder for your bounty.  Bounty will be determined by size of piece and firing volume.

Please contact your branch commander for any further information such as camp sites, etc.


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